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Chair Casters for Wood Floors
Last month we talked about our Elite Series Chair Casters. Many home owners and businesses are tearing out the carpet and installing wood floors. Our Elite Series is the perfect solution for wood floors but we have some lower cost alternative products.

To see our Elite Series Chair Casters click here.
For those who don’t want the metal or chrome look, we have a twin wheel caster with rubber wheels. These are dark gray rubber tire on a light gray wheel attached to a light gray nylon body. This also is a large 3" wheel but the larger the wheel, the easier it rolls.

Click to see this caster.

All of the casters shown here can also be used on ceramic tile or other floor surfaces that are subject to marking or scratching. These casters will NOT mark your floors under normal operation. ANY wheel can mark the floor if it is not allowed to roll and is dragged across the floor. We believe these casters are the perfect solution for wood floors.

Elite Chair Casters for Hard Floors and Carpet
Most of the office chairs that are manufactured today come with twin wheel nylon wheeled casters. This type of caster, specifically the nylon wheel, is fine for carpeting but will mark and scratch hard floors. This happens because the nylon wheels don’t roll, they slide. When they slide, they mark the floor. Our Elite chair casters are the perfect solution for this problem. The wheels on these casters will not mark the floors under normal operation. ( Any caster will mark a hard floor if it is dragged sideways. ) They roll smoothly due to the precision sealed ball bearing in the wheel and unlike most chair casters, are a single wheel design.Our top left photo shows our 3" Elite Caster with Soft Rubber Wheel on a Hardwood floor.Swiveling is a breeze due to the crown tread of the wheel, a long lead ( distance from the centerline of the stem to the centerline of the axle ) and the double row of balls in the swivel bearing. The body of this caster is metal with a bright chrome finish. This is the ONLY color that is available. The 3" caster has a maintenance free matching rubber seal on the swivel.
This photo on the left is our 3" Elite Caster with Soft Rubber Wheel on a Ceramic Tile Floor while the photo on the right is the 2" Elite Caster with Soft Rubber Wheel that we recommend for dinette and smaller office chairs.

The Elite Caster with the Soft Rubber Wheel comes in two sizes; 2" and 3".

We recommed that for smaller chairs ( dinette or small office chairs ) you use the 2" model and for larger office chairs or executive chairs, you should use the larger 3" model. Our recommendations are for replacement only.
If you are going to put casters on a chair that previously did not have casters, please call us, many chairs are not designed for casters. At left, we have our 3" Elite Caster with Polyurethane Wheel. This caster is GREAT if you need to be on EITHER Hard Floors or Carpeting. It’s the same caster with all of the benefits described above but with the polyurethane wheel.

The wheel is clear with an embedded mold frame that can be seen thru the polyurethane. From a distance, the wheel looks grey. This is really a very cool, very high tech looking wheel. We actually call it the “Viper” wheel. Again, it can be used on Tile, Hardwood Floors or Carpeting.

What makes the polyurethane wheel unique is that it’s soft enough not to hurt hard floors yet it’s hard enough and smooth enough not to grab carpet fibers. When a caster is on carpet, the wheel material must be able to roll over the fibers without slipping yet be “slick” or “slippery” enough to not “grab” the fibers while swiveling. Here at Caster City, we have a combination of Elite casters on our office chairs but most of them are the Elite with the “Viper” Polyurethane wheel. I have this caster on my home office chair which is on relatively thick carpet with an 8 lb. pad. It rolls great and doesn’t harm the carpet. My chair is about 25 years old and originally had large twin wheel casters installed. I replaced them about a year ago and there was a tremendous difference in the rolling; much easier with this new caster.

Elite Chair Casters are can be seen on our website by clicking here.
Total Locking Casters - Model 3A
These casters are ideal for any light duty application where the caster must be totally immobile when the caster brake is applied. Caster Model 3A has a unique brake which locks both the wheel and the swivel bearing at the same time. The “Total-Lock” brake insures that the swivel caster will not turn when the wheel is locked. This combination wheel brake and swivel lock is essential for safety in some applications - such as on worktables, tablesaws, and medical equipment.
The Total-Lock brake is desireable whenever a brake is needed because it makes a swivel caster totally immobile. These casters provide floor and cargo protection, quiet operation, and are very easy rolling. Try a set! You will be amazed at their performance.

Capacities depend on the wheel material and size of the wheel. They range from 150 lbs. per caster for a 3" Gray Soft Rubber Wheel to 300 lbs. per caster for a 5" Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheel.

Here are some photos which will show you how this caster looks installed on a cabinet and a workbench.

This cabinet is for power tool storage. There are about 150 lbs of tools inside. The wheels used here are gray polyurethane with precision ball bearings. The casters have 3" wheels with a capacity of 200 lbs. per caster. The total capacity of this cabinet with 4 casters would then be 800 lbs. Much more than it will ever carry. Because the actual weight of the items in the cabinet will never be more than 50% of the casters capacity, it is unlikely that the wheels will ever develop a flat spot while under “standing load”. Had the actual weight of the items in the cabinet been more than 50% of the capacity, a harder wheel material might have been chosen.

This is the same caster on a workbench. They are also plate mounted just like the cabinet above. The Total-Lock is ideal for this application because when in the locked position, it is solid and will not move. We have installed 4 locking casters on the bench. With 4 casters, you should always be able to get to 2 of the brakes to secure the object. Sometimes, when moving the object, the pedal may not be accessable. It may be turned under, not allowing access. In this circumstance, you should be able to reach at least 2 brakes to lock your object. This is Total Locking Casters on a Workbenchalso true when you push an object against a wall. The rear pedals will be turned under, thus making it difficult to reach the brake. Having all 4 casters with brakes is a smart idea for workbenches and other objects which might be pushed against a wall for storage.
When mounting your casters, always make sure that you can get access to the pedal. The unlock pedal on the caster is rather small but the caster can be unlocked by lifting up on the locking pedal with your toe. Gray Polyurethane with precision ball bearings were also chosen for this application. The workbench is rather light and will never be loaded with more than a few hundred pounds. “Standing load” flat spots will not be a consideration. The floor of this shop is concrete with epoxy paint and the wheels have never marked the floors.

In closing, the total locking caster is a GREAT choice when you have an object that must be immobile while you work on it.

To see more about our Total Locking Casters, click here for Plate Mount
and here for Stem Mount.

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