Elite Caster with Rubber Wheel

Elite Chair Casters for Hard Floors and Carpet

Most of the office chairs that are manufactured today come with twin wheel nylon casters. This type of caster, specifically the nylon wheel, is fine for carpeting but will mark and scratch hard floors. This happens because the nylon wheels don’t roll, they slide. When they slide, they mark the floor. Our Elite chair casters are the perfect solution for this problem. The wheels on these casters will not mark the floors under normal operation. ( Any caster will mark a hard floor if it is dragged sideways. ) They roll smoothly due to the precision sealed ball bearing in the wheel and unlike most chair casters, are a single wheel design.Our top left photo shows our 3" Elite Caster with Soft Rubber Wheel on a Hardwood floor.Swiveling is a breeze due to the crown tread of the wheel, a long lead ( distance from the centerline of the stem to the centerline of the axle ) and the double row of balls in the swivel bearing. The body of this caster is metal with a bright chrome finish. This is the ONLY color that is available. The 3" caster has a maintenance free matching rubber seal on the swivel. To see our Elite Series Chair Casters click here.

Elite Caster with Polyurethane Wheel

If you are going to put casters on a chair that previously did not have casters, please call us, many chairs are not designed for casters. At left, we have our 3" Elite Caster with Polyurethane Wheel. This caster is GREAT if you need to be on EITHER Hard Floors or Carpeting. It’s the same caster with all of the benefits described above but with the polyurethane wheel.

The wheel is clear with an embedded mold frame that can be seen thru the polyurethane. From a distance, the wheel looks grey. This is really a very cool, very high tech looking wheel. Again, it can be used on Tile, Hardwood Floors or Carpeting.

What makes the polyurethane wheel unique is that it’s soft enough not to hurt hard floors yet it’s hard enough and smooth enough not to grab carpet fibers. When a caster is on carpet, the wheel material must be able to roll over the fibers without slipping yet be “slick” or “slippery” enough to not “grab” the fibers while swiveling. Here at Caster City, we have a combination of Elite casters on our office chairs but most of them are the Elite with the “Viper” Polyurethane wheel.Click to see this caster.